Keystone Custom Home

Keystone Custom Homes, LLC is a privately owned and operated custom home builder and remodeler. We pride ourselves in our ability to exceed the expectations of each homebuyer by delivering distinctive custom homes. We strive to ensure that the custom home we build for you is best suited to you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Robb Steinberg, founder of Keystone Custom Homes, LLC comes from two generations of contractors. The family legacy is committed to excellent service and innovation exceeding most other builder standards. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Steinberg has dedicated himself to fulfilling his client's dreams and expectations. Mr. Steinberg's creativity and product knowledge are on the cutting edge in current changing times.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Our commitment to excellence is assured to each homebuyer by limiting the number of home starts enabling us to provide personal service. On-site supervision throughout all phases of construction to our demanding standards, and long term relationships with reliable professional contractors play an important role to ensure top industry standards.

Our method of design and construction provide optimum opportunity for client involvement in every phase of construction.

What this means to you as a homebuyer is that you will have direct access to our top level management, the builder of your custom home. This personal level of communication is key to success.

Keystone Custom Homes, LLC strives to provide ultimate client satisfaction. Our standards are insured through new home warranties. These warranties include manufacturer warranies and a one year "Builders Limited Warranty".

We believe the mark of a proven builder is determined by providing innovative design, attention to detail, and careful consideration to the homebuyer's needs.